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ZACTS Christian School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program

The Problem

Zambia, in south-central Africa, is the second largest producer of copper on the continent and home to the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Zambia has a reputation for political stability, however, social conditions are tough. Poverty is widespread. Life expectancy is among the lowest in the world – largely due to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS which has decimated the population and left many orphans and widows.

The Program

ZACTS OVC Primary School, International Needs’ school for orphans and vulnerable children, is located in the Muzabula area, north of Solwezi. The people living in this region are subsistence farmers with large families, many of them supporting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

The school opened in January 2012 with 3 classrooms and 60 students. Today, ZACTS has grown to include 9 classrooms and 650 students.

The school also raises poultry and grows vegetables to help supplement the children’s dietary needs, and fund their academic programs. The Principal likes to involve the students in the care of the school’s vegetable garden as part of their education.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your support of ZACTS School for orphans and vulnerable children will ensure that the children receive uniforms and all the school supplies they need to help them succeed in the classroom.
  • Child Sponsorship offers the hope of a brighter future to a boy or girl devastated by poverty.
  • ZACTS students learn about sanitation, hygiene, and other healthful practices.
  • Their daily hot lunch helps promote active minds and gives the children strength to walk home after school.
  • Learning Bible stories and memorizing Bible verses and songs are all part of the school’s curriculum.
  • Having a good school in the community promotes community pride and development. Many of the parents have asked for evening classes so that they can learn too.
  • Education is a primary way of eradicating extreme poverty in rural Zambia.

Oscar’s parents divorced when he was young. This brought hardship into his life. Many times Oscar and his 3 siblings went without food. His relatives decided to move the family far away but the school’s administration spoke to his mother and persuaded her not to move away because doing so would jeopardize Oscar’s education and future.

“My mother was persuaded after she was told that I had received sponsorship through International Needs Canada. I really appreciate the staff at ZACTS for their intervention and also the support of my sponsor. I hope to become a teacher and help my community by providing them with education.” Oscar


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