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Community HIV/AIDS Prevention (CHAP) Program

Our Community HIV/AIDS Prevention (CHAP) project targets children in primary schools, both in and out of school youth (aged 10-24 years), adult men, and child-bearing women (aged 16-49 years) in the areas of Buikwe and Kiyindi, Uganda.

CHAP aims at building community and church capacity to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and to care for those directly affected by HIV/AIDS in the affected areas. It adopts a rights-based approach where HIV/AIDS affected and infected persons are the key claim holders.

Areas of Intervention:

  1. Behavioural change intervention.
  2. Mobile clinical care.
  3. Socioeconomic empowerment.
  4. Strategic partnerships.


  1. Increase in the number of persons (children, adolescents, women, and men) who receive information to make informed choices about the prevention and reduction of STIs/HIV/AIDS, as well as receive anti-stigma education.

  2. Facilitate access to and utilization of quality, comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment services for newly positive-tested persons, as well as for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their families.

  3. Increased capacity of PLWHA and their caregivers for income generation as a result of lost income and large medication costs (i.e. by providing economic opportunities for clients and their caregivers, mature orphans, and community health workers (CHWs) by providing training in business skills and promoting income generating start-up kits).

  4. Improve the capacity of religious and local leaders to manage and implement support and prevention services, as well as create and nurture strategic partnerships with the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), district health services, religious and community leaders, and other potential partners.

It is anticipated that the project will go a long way in addressing the negative socio-economic conditions of the area, including barriers to education, a lack of access to HIV/AIDS services, and the hardships faced by orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

This project is made possible through the incredibly generous support of CrossRoads Church in Red Deer, Alberta.

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