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Naogoan Integrated Project

The Problem

The Naogoan Free School is located in rural northwest Bangladesh. The people who live in rural areas face debilitating poverty and many of the children have no families who care for them. Some work as day labourers in local factories or fields.

The Project

When International Needs opened the Naogoan Free School, the teachers simply invited anyone who wanted to learn to come to school. Today, there are over 280 children receiving primary level education at the Naogoan Free School. Because of the school’s great success, it is now crucial to add secondary level education.

International Needs Bangladesh is seeking to move forward with the Naogoan Integrated Project by constructing a three story building to expand its ministry to the many families in the region.

Phase One - Estimated Cost: $145,000

The ground floor is for the expansion of the Free School including secondary level education. Plans also include a kindergarten for the affluent society in other regions of Naogoan, who at present have no kindergarten where they can send their children. This will generate income for the school and help sustain other projects.

Phase Two - Estimated Cost: $72,500

The first floor is to house a computer room, a resource library, and additional classrooms.

Phase Three - Estimated Cost: $72,500

The second floor will be a dormitory for 100 orphans and vulnerable children from remote villages and disaster prone areas. A separate dining hall and kitchen will be built to provide for the nutritional needs of the children in residence and the students and staff at the school. This floor will also house a chapel used for church services, chapel for the students, and also as a recreation hall. Discipleship programs will be held to train and raise up Christian leaders in this predominantly Muslim region.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your gift will help provide secondary level education at the Naogoan Free School and transform the lives of the region’s most vulnerable children, helping them to escape the crushing poverty their parents have known.
  • Your support ensures that every girl and boy in Naogoan has access to a quality education giving them more chances in life, including employment opportunities, better health, and the opportunity to help bring about positive changes in their community.


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