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Sponsorship FAQ

Here are "Frequently Asked Questions" about how International Needs Canada sponsorship program works. Scroll below to learn more.

How many years has International Needs been operating a child sponsorship program?
International Needs began offering child sponsorship in 1974.

How many children are currently sponsored?
There are over 3,400 children who are being supported by Canadian sponsors.

In how many countries does International Needs Canada currently run sponsorship programs?
We currently run sponsorship programs in 8 countries (Bangladesh, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Ghana and Zambia).

I am not ready to sponsor. How can I help children?
You are welcome to give a general donation for children, where it is needed most. To give go here.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
$41 is our monthly cost to provide for children in need.

May I support more than one child?
You are welcome to support as many children as you want at any given time. Sponsor a child today.

Will I receive an official tax receipt for my donation?
Yes. International Needs Canada typically issues tax receipts in February for all your monthly sponsorship payments. Receipts for individual online gifts of $20 or more will be automatically generated.

What will I receive as a child sponsor?
When you sponsor a child through International Needs you are not only investing in the life of a child, but also the well-being of his or her family and community. A few weeks after you request a child to sponsor, you will receive a sponsorship welcome package that will provide you with everything you need to know about your sponsored child. The kit includes a photo of your child, and a sheet with information about your sponsored child and his or her community. You will also receive regular updates throughout the year from your sponsored child. The child, his or her family and community will also be notified that you are their sponsor.

What does my sponsorship provide?
The most important gift you give as a child sponsor is the gift of encouragement and faith. In many communities, poverty has a deep hold on the community. Knowing that you are walking alongside them gives them hope for the future. As a child sponsor you ensure that your sponsored child has the opportunity to go to school, receive regular health care, eat nutritious food and receive clothing and other life essentials. More than that, you know that their family and the community in which they live will benefit from long-term assistance providing safe drinking water, a school, health care and income-generating training.

How are children chosen for International Needs sponsorship program?

Our country directors and their teams of social workers are uniquely invested in each International Needs project. They know the needs of each community and are able to identify the children in need of immediate care. These children are added to International Needs’ sponsorship program. Our team then works to find people like you who will sponsor them, giving them the support and opportunities they need for a future of hope and purpose.

What happens if my child leaves the sponsorship program?
A child may leave the program at any time if their family moves from the area, if their home situation improves, or if the family chooses to no longer participate in the program. If your child leaves the program you will receive a notification along with a profile and photo of a new child to sponsor. If you do not want to transition to a new child or would like to support another International Needs Canada project instead, please contact us.

What happens once my child finishes in the sponsorship program?
Once a child finishes in the sponsorship program you will receive notification along with a profile and photo of a new child to sponsor. If you do not want to transition to a new child or would like to support another International Needs Canada project instead, please contact us.

How long can I support my sponsored child?
You can support your sponsored child until they have completed their high school education. However many sponsored children have the desire to continue their schooling, but cannot afford the high tuition fees of college or vocational training. As their sponsor, you will be given the opportunity to continue supporting your sponsored child through scholarship funding.

What is the difference between child sponsorship and scholarships?
Scholarships provide young men and women with additional training in trades and employable jobs such as teaching, agriculture, nursing and pastoral leadership. However, the cost to educate a young person continuing in secondary schooling or vocational training is much more than primary education. Like child sponsorship, scholarships provide young people with basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter as well as tuition fees. International Needs’ scholarship program equips young people with the knowledge and skills they need to invest into the economic and social infrastructures of their community.

Can I write to my sponsored child?
Yes, your sponsored child would love to hear from you. Here are a few letter writing tips. Please send your letters to the International Needs Canada office in Burlington, Ontario.

International Needs Canada
230 - 1119 Fennell Ave E.,
Hamilton, Ontario   L8T 1S2

Can I send my sponsored child gifts?
Please feel free to express your care for your sponsored child by sending an extra financial gift. The dollars you give will be used to buy a unique gift for your sponsored child or provide extra food for the family. We are unable to ship toys and clothing as the parcels are subject to cross-border taxes, or they are easily lost. When you give a financial gift, the community caregiver can choose a gift that meets your sponsored child's specific needs.

Do I have to pay my sponsorship fee monthly or are there other options?
You could choose to pay the full year’s cost of sponsorship at one time which is $492.
If you would like to arrange a different payment cycle such as 4 times per year, please call our office toll-free at 1.888.702.9805.

What are the payment methods you accept?
International Needs Canada accepts both MasterCard and Visa online. By calling our office at 1.888.702.9805 you may also set up pre-authorized bank withdrawals.

How do I update my contact and payment information?
If you have contact information to update, or are switching credit cards, or have new expiry date information, please contact our office at 1.888.702.9805.

How can I switch from credit card payment to pre-authorized bank withdrawal?
If you would prefer to have pre-authorized bank withdrawal, please call our office at 1.888.702.9805. We will be more than happy to set this up for you.

What happens if I miss a payment?
Sometimes circumstances prevent the successful payment of a sponsorship fee. A credit card could be declined for various reasons and if we are unable to process your payment, we will contact you to find out if there is an issue.

What if I am unable to continue supporting my sponsored child?
We understand that your commitment to child sponsorship may change over time. If you are unable to continue in your sponsorship commitment we ask that you contact us immediately so our team can find another sponsor for your sponsored child.

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1Invest in the future
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