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Child Trafficking in Bangladesh

“I used to be happy but now I cry a lot in the evenings. I cry because of my fate which brought me here.”

These are the words of Bashita, a teenager in a brothel in Jessore. “I was brought to Jessore a few years ago, and ended up living on the streets. Then a man took me to a brothel where I was sold to the owners. They kept me locked in a room and drugged, and forced me to work.” Bashita doesn’t know how old she is but she thinks she’s 17. She has lived in several brothels since the day she was taken away. “I dream of having a family, just like everyone else. But I don’t think I will ever have that life.”

Bashita’s story echoes many others in Bangladesh. Because of extreme poverty, families are often forced to make their children work. Each year, children are taken from their homes and subjected to domestic servitude, forced and bonded labor, and sex trafficking. Street children are particularly vulnerable to trafficking because they have no protection. They are often coerced into criminal activities or forced to beg; begging ringmasters sometimes maim children to increase their earnings.

International Needs’ Drop in Centre for Street Children in Dhaka reaches out to children on the streets and those in the workforce. The Centre provides a safe and enriching environment where children receive nutritious food, education, social and psychological support, recreational activities, healthcare services, and bathing facilities. For a few hours each day, they can live like normal children.

“These children have very difficult lives and it is good to be able to provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support for them. It is our hope that once the new residential section at the Naogoan Free School is completed, these children will be sent there to live and go to school.” •  Calbert Kalyan Halder, Drop-in Centre Director

On Giving Tuesday, you can give hope to children whose dreams have been crushed; a new beginning for children who live in dark, difficult places. Would you prayerfully consider supporting the running costs of the Drop-in Centre for Street Children in Dhaka? The Centre has become a place of hope and refuge for many vulnerable children. There is also a pressing need for funds to complete the residential section at the Naogoan Free School.

Together, we can rescue children from the clutches of child traffickers, and help them rewrite their stories the way God intended them to be. We will feature some of their stories in future editions of our quarterly newsletter, The Link. Thank you so much for caring, and for your generous support.

Click HERE to Support the Bangladesh Drop-In Centre

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