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50 By Fifty A Success!

Seven longtime friends from Bow Island, who now reside throughout Alberta, have reached their goal of raising $50,000 by their 50th birthday in support of 490 orphans and vulnerable children at ZACTS School in north western Zambia. The friends wanted to contribute significantly to a project in the developing world and perhaps travel to that community to see the impact of their campaign.

"It was great to be part of such a collaborative and focused group, with a worthy cause in mind. While I knew we would be well-supported, I am still amazed at how quickly we reached our goal. It’s nice to celebrate a half century by focusing on what we can do for others." - Angela Vanden Broek

The 50 by Fifty Campaign raised $50,000 through various fundraising events including a cabaret, a silent auction, the Ride for Refuge, and individual gifts from family, friends, colleagues, and businesses. The group’s chosen project was ZACTS’ Growing Change Poultry Project which aims at helping ZACTS School become more self-supporting by raising and selling chickens. Four of the 50 by Fifty friends had the privilege of going to Zambia to attend the dedication of the poultry farm.

"It was very affirming to see that our fund raising efforts were truly benefiting the community we had chosen to invest in. The money raised built barns and a slaughter facility and purchased freezers, thousands of chicks and feed. It is also paying the salary of a farm manager until the project begins to make enough of a profit. Because the community is in the copper belt, the market is viable and has good potential. There were enough funds left to pay for an incubator which would allow the project to hatch their own chicks – a more cost effective way to raise chickens." - Clary Fox

Our hats are off to Clary, Michelle, Pauline, Darcelle, Pat, Michaeleen and Angela, whose selfless dedication to vulnerable Zambian children is truly an inspiration. Their example inspired two 14 year old girls in Ontario to start a 15 by Fifteen campaign. (Each will raise $1500 by their 15th birthday for mothers and babies in Guatemala and are encouraging other young girls to join them!) We pray that many will follow their example and find creative ways to help bring lasting change to communities in need around the world.

"We are so grateful to God for the way He has provided for ZACTS Community School through the 50 by Fifty campaign. We’re thankful for the women who gave of their time and resources to see this project completed. We pray that the Poultry Project will continue to grow and bless the school and the community." - Eddie Jibusha, Principal at ZACTS

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