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Buikwe Senior Girls Dormitory Project

The Problem

Buikwe is a small farming town about two hours east of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. A few years ago the nearest secondary school was too far away for most children to attend. Thanks to the generosity of International Needs donors, Buikwe has a new secondary school serving the community, with 355 students enrolled. Most of the children attending Buikwe Secondary School are day students but 124 pupils, mostly girls, have to live in rented accommodation off the school property.

Many girls who are renting on their own have no supervision or protection, leading to teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. This poses a real threat to female education which is deemed unimportant in many Ugandan households. During a school year, we’ve had as many as eight girls drop out of school due to teenage pregnancy.

The Project

There is an urgent need to complete the construction of a Girls Dormitory at Buikwe Secondary School capable of accommodating 100 girls within the school grounds. This will provide supervision and protection for girls while they are at school and will enable them to concentrate on their studies while at the same time reducing school dropout.

International Needs is committed to promoting health and education for girls and ensuring that their future is one of empowerment and choices.

Total Cost of the Project: $89,000

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your gift will invest in the lives of girls in Uganda by providing the supervision and security they need to move forward confidently in their studies.
  • Educating girls is an investment that critically influences the social and economic development of a nation.
  • Developing countries that educate girls to the same degree as they educate boys benefit from longer life expectancies, lower mortality rates and higher economic growth.
“A few years ago, this school was just a dream. All we had was a hill. Now we have a school and it continues to grow. The completion of the girls’ dormitory will help us to continue promoting girls education.” Justus Miwanda, Director of International Needs Uganda.

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