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Medical Student Assistance Program

Help Medical Students Graduate and Practice in their Communities

Attending medical school in Ghana is a 7-year commitment. After that general orientation to the medical profession, students must complete a 2-year internship in a clinic or hospital. Many graduates can attest to the transformational value of the help they received from International Needs Medical Student Assistance Program in helping them complete medical school and the long term benefits derived by their families and communities.

“The support from International Needs has been tremendous, ranging from tuition fees, hostel fees, money to purchase books and a monthly allowance permitting me to concentrate on my studies,” says Juliet Ashong a fifth year medical student at the University of Ghana. “I believe together we can carry out the great commission and extend helping hands to those who are in need.”

You can help meet a real need in Ghana by putting a bright medical student through university--students like Narious Naleene. He grew up in a poor rural family of 10. Without the generous support of Canadian donors, his career as a doctor would have been impossible. Dr. Naleene has finished his studies and is now an intern in a hospital.

“I am currently taking care of my family and putting my younger siblings through school”, Dr. Naleene says. “Thank you, International Needs. You have given hope to the hopeless and brought joy to many lives.”


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