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Naogoan Water Project

The Problem

The Naogoan Free School is located in rural northwest Bangladesh. The people who live in rural areas face debilitating poverty and many of the children have no families who care for them. Some work as day labourers in local factories or fields.

Over 380 vulnerable children are presently receiving a quality education at the Naogoan Free School. However, many of the children are suffering from various health problems caused by poor, contaminated water sources. The school is in need of a water reservoir that will ensure that fresh water is available for the children and families in the community.

The Project

The Naogoan Water Project will install an underground reservoir and piping system that will supply fresh water for the school and the orphanage year round. Having access to safe drinking water will greatly reduce the number of waterborne diseases in the region such as cholera and diarrhea, especially in times when water is scarce. Safe drinking water will now be available all year.

The total cost of the project is $10,000.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Clean water will save many lives, as children die from waterborne diseases.
  • Clean water will greatly reduce health problems and improve performance at school.
  • Clean water will reduce the burden local women have of daily finding and collecting water, often from distant, contaminated sources.

“Water is life and it is our hope to give this gift of clean water to our students and to neighbouring families.” McDonald Adhikary, Director

My name is Rem Rwat. I come from a village called Koktlai Para, Bangladesh. The tribal people of Bangladesh live in hilly areas and work to produce crops and sell them to provide for their family. Most of our people are illiterate and have no other way to earn a living. For this reason, education for their children is not a high priority, and parents are not interested in educating their daughters at all. According to them, all the income that goes into a girl’s education only benefits her husband’s family. The hill areas are steep and therefore markets and schools cannot be easily accessed. Even today, there are villages where people have to walk for three days to go to the nearest market. After making their purchases, they have to walk back. I have been blessed in spite of all these obstacles. I was given the opportunity to study at International Needs’ School. I am so grateful for the chance to learn and get an education. Thank you!


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