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Springs of Living Water

John's Prayers Answered

John, a 10-year-old child orphan at ZACTS, was probably more thrilled than most of his classmates, this August, to see water coming from a newly installed tap at school. His life became much easier.

Every day, after the journey to school, a full day of learning activities and the journey back home, his guardian would send him to fetch water from a well two kilometers away. He would load four 20-litre containers on a bicycle and ride to the well. On his way back he would struggle, fall and injure himself balancing 80 unstable litres of water, defying the laws of physics and gravity he has yet to learn about in school.

Today, he says God has heard his prayers and those of others in his community, now that ZACTS has running water. He prays that another borehole will be drilled closer to his home so that his trips to fetch water and those of other children in his community will be shorter.

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