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Relief for Nepal: Update May 13th

Second Earthquake and Multiple Aftershocks Shaking Hearts

As more buildings collapse, people avoid the indoors. Landslides cause roadblocks…

A climate of panic and fear has gripped Nepal in the wake of the second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 that has rocked the country in less than three weeks. In addition to claiming lives of more than 7000 people killed in the first quake, the additional buildings that have collapsed and the frequency of aftershocks (some people have counted 160) are causing people to fear being inside buildings that have, so far, withstood the quakes.

“Even the smallest hint of a tremor sends people into very understandable panic, because so many lives have been lost” Esther says. “People feel scared to stay indoors for significant periods of time. The need for food and shelter is even more pressing as people’s hearts are weakened by the constant uncertainty and insecurity.”

Landslides from the second quake have made several roads impassable. Some of the women from International Needs’ Lydia Vocational Training Centre who lost homes, relatives and family members in the first quake and managed to returned over the last two weeks to their remote villages, are now unable to return to Lydia until the roadways have cleared. Efforts are being made to contact them and provide help in facilitating the resumption of their training.

In coming weeks we will provide updates on how these women are coping with the personal tragedies that they have endured as a result of the earthquakes.


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