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Relief for Nepal: Update May 22th

Status of Nepalese Children Sponsored by International Needs Canada

Despite the chaos, electronic communication and transportation challenges resulting from the recent earthquakes and aftershocks in Nepal, International Needs Nepal has been working diligently to verify the status of children sponsored by donors around the world.

To date, no causalities have been reported. We are also thankful that, so far, that there have been no reports of physical harm to any sponsored children. Here is a summary of current information that has been gathered regarding children sponsored by Canadian donors to International Needs:

Child Sponsorship Earthquake Relief by the Numbers

Number of Nepalese school children
sponsored through International Needs Canada: 80

Number of earthquake casualties
among sponsored school children: 0

Number of Canadian sponsored children
currently described as ‘safe’: 32

Number of Canadian sponsored children
currently sheltering in tents: 42

Number of Canadian sponsored children
currently sheltered in churches: 2

Number of Canadian sponsored children
who have not yet been contacted: 2

International Needs Canada recognizes that the safety of children includes far more that absence of physical harm. Children who have been classified as ‘safe’ are nevertheless subject to the trauma of death, destitution and deprivation that surrounds them. The road to recovery from the psycho-social effects of the earthquakes will be difficult for all the children who survived the experience. International Needs Canada is relying on your generous contributions to support of effort to bring Relief, Recovery and Redevelopment opportunities to the children of Nepal.

News from Canadian-sponsored children about their current situations will be provided when available.


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