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Relief for Nepal: Update May 15th

Earthquake Survival Experience of a Sponsored Child

While donors who contribute to our child sponsorship program can rest assured that, so far, none of the children they faithfully support each month are known to have been were physically harmed in the recent earthquakes and aftershocks, several of them experienced the loss of their homes and are struggling for security in the aftermath of the catastrophe…

Prajjwal, sponsored by a couple in Alberta, vividly recalls the moment the first earthquake shook his family home around noon on April 25. And he is thankful today that he had four or five seconds to run outside with his mother, older sister and 2-year-old brother before the earthquake violently shook his family’s home. His father had gone to visit a relative.

They ran outside and jumped into the open space where his grandmother had been hanging wet clothes to dry, just moments before one wall of the house came crashing down making a big noise. Another wall was badly broken all the way from the roof to the floor.

Since that fateful morning the family has been sheltering, with several other people, in a makeshift shed that their neighbor had built for farming tomatoes. The family received rice, biscuits and a few other supplies through their church but, so far, there has been no help from the government. Prajjwal says one organization came to distribute relief goods, but were forced to flee and deliver goods elsewhere because of the hustle and bustle created by people from neighboring villages. As a result Prajjwal and his family were left empty-handed.

The family’s home had been made of raw bricks, bamboo and wood, with tile roofing. The land on which the house had stood does not belong to them. The Champi Village Development Committee had merely allowed them to build the house and live in it. Now that the house is gone, the need for relief is pressing but Prajjwal’s prospects for recovery and continued academic success relies on donors like you whose generosity will give this young man the hope of building a sustainable future.

News from Canadian-sponsored children about their current situations will be provided when available.


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