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Relief for Nepal: Update May 11th

Delivering Relief to Tippeni and Surrounding Villages

The Executive Director of International Needs Nepal, Esther Thapa, says distributing relief supplies effectively, like medical triage, requires common sense, co-ordination and human kindness…

After her relief mission to Lamasagu, Esther says she received a flood of requests for assistance. But none touched her heart like one she received from a journalist in Sindupalchok. A man he knew in Tippeni village contacted him begging for “chiura”—a mixture of beaten rice and beans. It was perhaps the cheapest, most basic food a grown man could ask for—a desperate plea for survival.

This prompted Esther to investigate relief needs around the isolated Tippeni community (situated in a valley and accessible only via a very rough road during the non-monsoon season) and five smaller villages nearby. Contacting the Village Development Committee, a pastor and the principal of a local school, Esther prepared survival supplies for a list of 600 families. They also prepared 20 extra packages just in case the encountered the unexpected.

At 6 am Esther and her International Needs team— youth and children’s welfare co-ordinator Rabindra Subba and his son Ajay (videographer), custodian Chandra Tiwari, and accountant Dipendra Thapa—and a convoy of trucks left Kathmandu. They arrived in Tippeni at 2:00pm and began to unload supplies. Each package included rice, cooking oil and spices. However, some key staples were conspicuously missing. There was no dal—a Nepali staple—because there was not enough of it available for purchase in Kathmandu. There was no salt, because it was too heavy and would make the drive longer and more dangerous. But they did deliver 100 packets of biscuits donated by a Christian Youth group and used the $16,000 Nepalese rupees ($186 Canadian dollars) the group had donated to buy much-needed supplies.

Although we had brought supplies for 600 households, it soon became clear that there were approximately 1000 people waiting for assistance. Some had heard about relief assistance coming and had walked to Tippeni in hopes of finding food. They looked exhausted and desperate, spoke no Nepali, and gestured for food with their hands. Esther says since she had promised to distribute 600 aid packages to the families in Tippeni, she kept that commitment and used the 20 extra packages she had prepared to help as many of the visitors as possible. Then she arranged for delivery of 200 packages to be delivered to their village. The delivery trucks broke down on the way, so delivery is delayed until tomorrow.

To spread our relief efforts further afield, Esther sent one of her International Needs team members to deliver 100 packages to villagers in Damsaifat who were in desperate need of rice. International Needs also collaborated with Bhainsipati Namuna Christian Society, supporting their relief efforts in the village of Tauthali with a donation of 250,000 Nepalese Rupees ($2923 Canadian dollars).

Your continued financial support for these relief efforts will greatly assist the people of Nepal as they struggle to recover from the challenges posed by the earthquakes and aftershocks and forge new paths towards a sustainable future.


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