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Relief for Nepal: Update April 29

International Needs Canada Invites You to Join our Response
Feed and Shelter our Children, Women, and Families in Hard-Hit Communities…

BURLINGTON, ON, April 29, 2015 - In the wake of one of the worst natural disasters in living memory, International Needs Canada urges you to give whole-heartedly and generously: help us bring immediately needed relief to the hundreds of sponsored children and women in our care who are directly affected by the disaster.

Supplies to Hard-Hit Communities
Today, International Needs Canada is focusing its relief efforts on the village of Sindhupalchok—one of the remote villages we serve that is currently known to be among the hardest hit by the earthquake. Efforts are being made to send 500 packages with tents, food and other basic supplies to assist in the emergency relief effort. While coping with their own individual losses, the women and staff at the Lydia Vocational Training Centre are rallying to support one of their classmates who has learned that her home in Sindhupalchok was destroyed, and her entire immediate family perished in the quake. Her husband survived, but due to road conditions, she is unable to leave Kathmandu to join him.

Contacting Sponsored Children
While our community social workers make their best efforts to contact and verify the safety of each of the children sponsored by International Needs Canada across Nepal, all of the children already contacted are reported to be safe. However, many of the children have not yet reported and as electricity, transportation and telecommunications facilities are unreliable at best, efforts to communicate with them are continuing.

Helping our Helpers
Two International Needs staffers—a Community Worker Coordinator and a Sponsorship Coordinator—are continuing to support the relief effort while living outdoors in tents because their houses were severely damaged in the quake. Your financial assistance in helping these staff members find secure alternate accommodations will greatly support the larger relief effort.

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our breaking news on the disaster, updates on the safety of your sponsored children and International Needs Canada’s initiatives to reach people in various communities across Nepal.


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