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Measuring the Impact of Vocational Training at Lydia

In the spring and summer of 2014 International Needs Nepal (travelling rough, narrow, sloppy and dangerous roadways by bike and hired scooters) conducted a study to get a snapshot of the impact that training at Lydia had made in the lives of its graduates.

 Since Lydia opened its doors in 1997, about 651 women (33 “batches” or graduating classes) have successfully completed the program. Data was collected from graduate in batches 29 to 32. Of 84 ladies interviewed:

  • 41 had succeeded in making a living from tailoring,
  • 11 were productively employed in Ministry,
  • 10 were employed in education
  • 8 had married successfully
  • 5 were otherwise gainfully employed.

Wages ranged between US $50 and $150 per month. Graduates were thankful that they were able to make a living and support their families. Many women agreed that the infrastructural costs of setting up a sewing shop were prohibitively high. However, these women were found to be diligently saving from their sewing earnings towards opening a shop in the future. They have asked to be remembered in your prayers.

In a nutshell the study concludes:

  • The cost per month of educating one student at Lydia is US $252.00
  • The cost of providing the training is rising.
  • Training can be provided more cost effectively to larger graduating classes.
  • Full scholarships/sponsorships are needed to support the poorest students.
  • Your generosity in supporting Lydia is sincerely appreciated.

Mrs. Shanti Maya Rai opened her personal Tailoring shop named “Shanti Ladies Tailors”. She sews clothes and trains other ladies. Monthly she earns US$100-US$150. 

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