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Nepal: The Executive Director’s Cut…

In the Field, on the Road, Beyond the Call of Duty…

Graduation: Lydia Vocational School

As I write this report, I thank God for the 33rd batch of Lydia graduates. On Sunday June 29, 22 women graduated from Lydia. Because it is monsoon season, we were worried that rain would ruin graduation ceremonies. But we asked for good weather for just one day and our God who answers prayers blessed us with beautiful sun. Our graduates celebrated with singing, dancing and various other performances. Parents and guardians were happy and impressed at the progress their daughters had made. Now that graduation is over and the building is empty, it feels quiet without the ladies. But soon the next batch will be here…

Esther Thapa Laxmi, Executive Director, Nepal paints a vivid picture of the highlights and challenges of her leadership role at Lydia Vocational Training Centre.

We Welcome Visitors…

It was our pleasure to welcome Rody Rodeheaver Executive Director of International Needs USA and his team for a few days while they shot a video about our school. During their stay the children welcomed them with flowers and khadas (ceremonial scarves) making a lovely day of celebration for everyone.


International Needs Canada: Funds at Work in Nepal

Thanks to a donation from International Needs Canada we were recently able to visit Humla—a remote area in West Nepal, close to Tibet. This area of Nepal is so remote there are no roads for buses. In good weather a small plane can fly there. In windy weather and in winter, no planes can fly there. No planes also means no food. Because of the harsh conditions, food is limited. Even if people have money there may not be any food available for purchase.

We held a two-day health camp in Simikot a village which, fortunately, was accessible to us by plane.

The series of seminars was attended by 44 men and women along with some young boys and girls. The first day was open to everyone and the second day was devoted exclusively for women. After the health camp we distributed support supplies to 30 of the poorest families. Some of them had walked for two days to receive the supplies. They were grateful and confident that God had sent us to provide for them in a time of crisis.

International Needs Executive Director, Esther Laxmi Changes Reuli's Life...

A Visit to Thea and Syada

After Simikot we took 7-hour walk to visit two villages—Thea and Syada. After seeing the dismal health conditions in the villages and the other challenges the people faced, we decided to provide training at Lydia for some of the women as well as basic Bible training for house fellowship leaders. Now that we have witnessed the extent of the need in these villages, we hope to be able to bring about meaningful change. I ask you to pray for this area of our country which is still in great need.


Maya’s Story

In Sayda, several people asked us to take their children with us in the hope of giving them a better life. I was so moved by the conditions in the village that I brought two girls back with me. One of the girls was 14-year-old Maya whose father had passed away. She was neglected by her family. Maya now lives with my sister in India and she is much happier there. The last time I spoke with her by phone she said, “I love you, Mom.”

Reuli on the left in red, Maya in the middle in purple. Both of these girls received an opportunity for vocational training, thanks to your donations to International Needs Canada.

Reuli’s Story

Reuli also badly needed a break from life in Sayda. As a promising 10-year-old, Reuli lived with her father and her stepmother—a deaf mute who treated her badly. Reuli was forced to do heavy housework, take care of cattle, go to the forest to fetch firewood, cut grass and fetch water. Reuli now lives with me and is attending school. She has started in kindergarten and is a lot older than her classmates but she is happy in our home and making good progress. She plays and giggles a lot especially with my dog, Pukki. When I gave her my own daughter’s old doll, you cannot imagine how happy it made her.

Through these two young girls I am learning again that the love and care of one person can change a life and change the future. While it has been a blessing for me to have Maya and Reuli, I want to thank you for the lives that you have been changing and affecting through international needs.

Reuli discovers the joys of childhood happiness and the opportunity for an education and a career through International Needs Canada.

How You Can Help Humla, Lydia and Nepal:

  • May the students of the upcoming batch travel safely to Lydia. A gift from you would add extra blessings to their five-month stay with us.
  • We are in need of full sponsorship for two students from Humla. including plane fare, pocket money and clothes.
  • We are seeking sponsorship to provide Bible training for three leaders from Humla, including plane fare and pocket money.
  • We are planning to buy a small piece of land near the International Needs Nepal office. Please pray God will work details out for us.


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