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Water, Water Everywhere and Perfectly Safe To Drink!

Clean Water Infrastructure Project Revitalizes Three Rural Ugandan Communities

International Needs Uganda is pleased to announce that two water wells constructed by funding from International Needs Canada to serve Kokola-Gimbo and Bugoya communities are now fully functional and meeting the needs of the villagers.

Tests conducted through the government’s laboratories confirm that the ample water supply produced by the wells is fit for domestic use and—more importantly—for human consumption. Women and children no longer walk long distances to fetch water. Villagers no longer use contaminated lake water and the widespread skin rashes caused by bathing in contaminated water are no longer a threat to the health of the people in these communities.

Sustaining Success

To ensure that the wells remain in optimal working condition, each of the wells is managed and maintained by a nine-member water use committee. Committee members are trained regarding water safety issues and regional government health departments provide supervision and technical support. The committees are actively involved in mobilizing community members: educating them about proper use of the wells, maintaining proper hygiene at around the water well and at home. The committee also collects a small fee agreed upon by community members to ensure that the wells can be maintained or repaired if the need arises.

During drilling of wells

Rev. Justus testing water from kokola-Gimbo well

Children of Bugoya village enjoying their new water source

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