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Shelter in the Time of Storm

A House for Mr. Musisi

International Needs Uganda makes a major life difference through corporate social responsibility collaboration with International Needs United Kingdom and advertising and communications giant Ogilvy…

Mr. Musisi thanked God for mercy and compassion when his life was spared after a car accident that crippled him. He was rushed to Mulago Hospital for treatment, but had no money to pay for the regiment of treatment the doctors had prescribed.

Languishing in the hospital, he was eventually brought home, with the help of a few sympathetic neighbours, to the care of his son, Stanley. Home, however, was a dilapidated mud hut with a roof that offered no protection from torrents of wind and rain. Mr. Musisi’s plight was brought to the attention of International Needs Uganda and the need was shared with Ogilvy.

Moved by the Mr. Musisi’s story a delegation from Ogilvy visited Mr. Musisi and decided to help by making the life that God had spared livable and more meaningful. One visitor volunteered to sponsor Stanley’s education and the rest of the team pooled contributions to build Mr. Musisi a home—a brick and mortar shelter from the natural elements and other vicissitudes of life.

Mr. Musisi moved into his new home with Stanley in January 2015. And the entire community has been uplifted by the transformation in Stanley’s circumstances and Mr. Musisi’s new lease on life. His trust in God and his gratitude to International Needs UK and Ogilvy are now unshakeable.

Before, their home was a mud hut with a roof that offered no protection from the elements.

Mr. Musisi and his son, Stanley sitting outside their new home.

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